Thursday, May 31, 2012

Paleo Smores?

Okay, so this is not a recipe, but in the future it might be, after a bit of experimenting.  Last night I had a really ripe (like black) plantain that I needed to use up.  So I cooked it up on my stove in some coconut oil.  I've done it before, but I think the mixture of it being really ripe and cooking it up a little extra sparked something in my head.  I wondered if you could cut up plantains the size of marshmallows, and roast them up over a campfire.  The ones I cooked up crispy on my stove last night tasted a bit like marshmallows.

So now I need to experiment with and figure out a graham cracker recipe before our camping trip in late June.  I think I'll play around with this recipe and see what I can come up with.  Then we'll just need to add a square of dark chocolate, and we'd be all set.  You can't go camping without smores, but if I could come up with a healthier alternative, that'd be awesome!

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